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Ever heard of Tyrian? - sweetandy - Sep 26, 2005 05:43 PM

I was thinking about designing a Tyrian-style game. Another word to use would be space dogfight. You have an over-head view of a ship going through A) A planet's evil enemy base, or B) An asteroid field of some kind. It's 2D, but has layers for the background, ships, weapon bubbles that float by that you can collect. If you collect one of the same weapon bubble, you get that weapon again, only more powerful. I remember my favorite being ORANGES, alternatives being Cherries and Apples and things, and the oranges gave you a blue beam of destroy!

There are a very few screenshots at Google. Has anybody heard of any games like this? I would think that it would be pretty common, at least in the DOS game field. I like DOS games. I wish they were all ported to Mac so I wouldn't have to run them in DOSBox.

But anyway my point is this is the project I'm going to be building up to in my programming training. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Ever heard of Tyrian? - Umbrae - Nov 21, 2005 07:05 AM

Yes I have heard of Tyrian! One of the most memorable games that I have ever played. One of the developers has a blog over at <a href="">lostgarden</a>. He has released some graphics which you might enjoy, <a href="">here</a> and <a href="">here</a>. As far as I can tell he was the one who actually did the graphics for Tyrian (I think they rock).

The type of game you are talking about is a shmup (shoot 'em up) and I wish there were more (especially more like Tyrian). I think a game like this would be a great way to increase your programming expertise. It shouldn't be too difficult, it won't deal with complex mathematics, difficult AI, etc (unless you wanted it to).

Good luck!