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Help to make an online text-based rpg game - just_gabe - Dec 6, 2009 04:13 PM

Hi guys, sorry if this isn't the right forum...

I want to make a text based online rpg for facebook (and maybe myspace too Rasp), very similar to Mafia Wars and Elven Blood/Twilight of Dragons, and I would like some guidelines and tips about how to make it, what language is the most suited for it as well as links where I can learn those languages, or if there happens to exist some tools to aid me in developing it.

In fact, I ask you to take a look at the mentioned games, so that you get a closer idea of what I want to accomplish: (Elvenblood now renamed Twilight of Dragons in facebook) (Mafia wars)

According to some of my research and friend's opinions, javascript is the way to go...but I've also read a lot about how PHP and MySQL are the best way for it, so, I hope you can take a look at those games and tell me what is the best option (I have experience programming on Java and C++, but it's been ages since I used those skills).

Any help like links, tutorials, etc. is really much appreciated Smile

Thank you for your time!