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MMORPG Question - enigmax - May 6, 2005 11:03 AM

Im currently desiging a 2D MMORPG, my question is what software would
be best considering its gigantic nature without making the game slower
for players.

thomas enigmax

MMORPG Question - sealfin - May 6, 2005 11:43 AM

I'm not trying to be harsh, but the lack of detail to your question seems to indicate that you don't have the sufficient skills to suceed with such a project; I'd like to be proven wrong, but what type of software are you even querying people for their opinions on?

MMORPG Question - iefan - May 8, 2005 01:51 PM

I'll second sealfin here. Giving us more info will help us provided better answers.

MMORPG Question - enigmax - May 9, 2005 07:18 AM

Sorry, im new at this Sad , my question is more of a "what pograms" are there
that will allow me to make the 2D MMORPG and be allowed to make it online
capable. Most softwear I see made for desiging 2D games are not advance in
the prgraming to allow online multi player capabilities Sad And being that im not
a programer myself - more of the "designer", im looking for something so i can
both design and easly program Smile if possable.

thanks again,

MMORPG Question - Puzzler183 - May 9, 2005 07:52 AM

Uh, so you want game creation software? Nothing exists that will let you make an MMORPG; you just have to learn to program. And an MMORPG isn't a simple task: I can think of only one done by an indie developer that hasn't failed, Eternal Lands.

In essence, you should probably set your sites a little lower (start with an RPG, and make it multiply online, then go MMO) andlearn to program so you can do it.

MMORPG Question - jspoon - May 9, 2005 08:01 AM

I don't believe anything like that exists. There are some open source 2d massive games around but if you wanted to use them it would be hard. As far as I know they're all designed with something specific in mind not as platforms for whatever content you think up. In any case, you wouldn't get the results I think you're imagining without a competent programmer or six working on it.

If you want to put the bar as low as possible to get a taste of what it's like (ooh, mixed metaphor), find a text oriented MUD server you can download. Everything is created by typing it in so it's a bit programmy but light years easier than something with graphics. Also probably the best overall experience you can provide as a one person team if you aren't both a good artist and programmer.

MMORPG Question - iefan - May 9, 2005 09:27 AM

jspoon Wrote:I don't believe anything like that exists.

I think the people who did the Puzzle Pirates releases their Java framework, check out the Three Rings website and I think it's on there somewhere.

I'd still run with the suggestion of working on a MUD for a while. I've worked on a number of them myself. I would likely find one you can hook up once you learn a little bit, it's a lot better if you have people playing than if it just sits there and only you login.

MMORPG Question - Blorx2 - May 9, 2005 12:19 PM

To me it sounds like-a this:
Enigmax wants a game creator/engine that requires no programming, is quick, involves 2D and online development, nothing like this exists
Then the YhhPP Java framework release rumor comes up; it still would require programming to make it work.
Enigmax: I'm sorry to say but to make any kind of game you need to know programming, have a good compiler, and have the ability/artist to get animations.

List of tutorials:
Lua (requires PlayKode)-
Basic (you would be out of your mind if you did not learn either this or AppleScript)- I don't have one because I learned AS because learning BASIC on a Mac is not easy. (I can't find a compiler.)

MMORPG Question - sealfin - May 9, 2005 01:40 PM

Quote:learning BASIC on a Mac is not easy. (I can't find a compiler.)
Blorx2 having obviously never heard of (in no particular order) Metal, TNT, Blitz (cross-platform for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows development), and far more variants of that language than I care to mention here...LOL

MMORPG Question - Blorx2 - May 9, 2005 01:51 PM

Ah, but they have their own languages that are VARIANTS of Basic. If you're going to learn Basic, you might as well learn the real Basic, or VB (if you have a Windows, there's a trial, Haven't found a Mac trail yet Annoyed ). For instance, TNTBasic is dead pretty much and then there's Metal Basic which is made for the Metal compiler. Then there's Blitz that costs 80$ and the trial won't let you compile. So, I skipped that and learned AS instead...

Nayr Wrote:HAHAHAHA!!!!

it's a scripting language, meant for easily achieving tasks.

[Image: ?id=437391]

Applescript is at the TOP, which means it's useless Very Happy

Umm...Nayr, don't ask where I got that

EDIT: Ok...that was supposed to show the picture...I had to rip it out and host it again...ugh!

MMORPG Question - sealfin - May 9, 2005 02:09 PM

@Blorx2, I wasn't aware that there was any kind of standard for the BASIC language, as there is with many other languages (such as ANSI and ISO C); only that labelling a language as a BASIC variant usually meant that the developer of that language had confused "lack of flexibility", "lack of scalability", and "inconsistant syntax" with "ease to learn" (not that this holds for all BASIC variants Rasp )

Anyway, this thread is going off-topic; there's plenty of threads on this forum dealing with "what's the best language for...?" queries...

MMORPG Question - enigmax - May 10, 2005 09:45 AM

thanks for the info Smile. I guess it was going to come down to that, now that i have
designed 1/2 of the game already Smile. (takes out vodka and shot glass) ok lets get
to it... (gulp)


ps. or maybe it would be eaiser to get programs Sad

MMORPG Question - kodex - May 10, 2005 02:44 PM

If you want to learn graphics programming pick up a book on C or C++ or Cocoa or BASIC or some form of programming langauge and head over to to get started. Also look into picking up a copy of the red book down the road a little.

MMORPG Question - socksy - May 10, 2005 03:16 PM

@Blorx2: There are a few other basic runtimes, but I have currently forgotten the names of which-I wouldn't recommend learning basic because of the bad habits you get from using it. VB is _very_ limited on the mac. It comes with certain versions of office and excel has a more advanced coding system. The way you keep on referring to applescript as AS is slightly strange to me, usually talking to windows developers, AS usually means action script. Much more simpler and easier to learn and rather simple code to make games with. But a b$%^£ to work with...

@enigmax: MMORPGs are very hard to make and maintain. They require a server up all the time and information on that. Try with some simple muds first. I can't really name many mac os x game creators other than coldstone, have you got confused and ended up here, in a mac development site when you have windows? Forgive me if I'm wrong but we do get a load of posts like this from complete beginners and it nearly always ends up that they have windows... If you do have a mac, ignore this and check out PlayKode. The current alpha/beta (can't rem. which) is in the work in progress forum, labeled something to do with a light IDE for fun and games or something. I would link to is, but I can currently only have the one window up on this old comp and can't be bothered to go through the trouble.
Good luck Wink

MMORPG Question - enigmax - May 11, 2005 08:31 AM

i was currently looking around the web for programing and found a program
called the "RPGmaker xp" which looks good but not have the maker user ablilities
ex MMO useage. And yet again comes back to programing Sad (time to bite the
thanks again for all the info