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The High Seas iPhone game coming soon - MobileGameStudio - May 9, 2010 11:59 AM

The High Seas has been submitted to Apple and will be available at the
end of May.

This new action packed game will put you in the boots of a treasure
hunter. Fighting against the mighty pirates, lethal castles and deadly
whirlpools you sail the seas in search of treasure chests. Passing
through the Caribbean and Arctic you go on a quest for the title of a
first class treasure hunter. The High Seas will show you what a real
challenge entitles!
The High Seas brings you into a whole new world, full of action,
danger and mystery. Each level will present you with a new challenge;
a number of gold. You are to collect the set amount of gold, but the
mighty pirates will do everything in their power to protect their
loot. Take a stand against your enemies with your cannons, which
follow your command at the touch of a button along with a steering
wheel you rotate to guide your ship across the seven seas. Your quest
will take you to the depths of the Caribbean and Arctic. The sea is
also against you on your quest as they put deadly towers, castles, ice
bergs and whirlpools in your path. The Ghost Armanda will bring your
skills into question along with the mystical ghost towers. The title
of treasure hunter never looked so far away.
Please welcome any comments, questions or suggestions!

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