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scarecrow moves - neverever - Jan 10, 2004 03:27 PM

hello, 3d game similar to nanosaur here. Ah ive been in so many failed "revolutionize" projects now its not funny so im currently going solo on this one. Right now its my "im bored" hobby and im keeping it as basic as 3d can get for now.If you need to visualize, think cartoony. Wink

I have two characters, a robot and a scarecrow. The robot had his hands sawed off, so wires hang from his forearms. His main moves are based around extending these wires like tentacles and hitting enemies with them.

But I dont have any ideas for the scarecrow. I was thinking maybe he could do something with dismembering himself, like turning into a dust devil. I also liked the idea of him drawing straws out of himself, then light them on fire and throw them or something.Wacko

hmm maybe i should post the plot to help get those creative juices flowing.

Scarecrow is also a farmer, and hes chased off his farm by zombie corn. He finds Tinman(the robot guy, shorted out in y2k then fell in a river) buried in a almost dried up river bed, downstream from a industrial factory.

Now scarecrow knows that river runs through his farm, so he thinks that the factory caused the zombie corn, but only tinman knows where the factory is.... so they team up on a journey to the factory... which is the game.

so what are some good scarecrowish moves?

scarecrow moves - igame3d - Jan 10, 2004 03:36 PM

Scarecrow should have a scythe or a pitchfork which he either throws or charges with.
He should regain health from heaps of zombie corn bodies after slicing and dicing them.

scarecrow moves - DaFalcon - Jan 10, 2004 04:36 PM

I hope you'll have at least a cameo from the Cowardly Lion-Type figure. Maybe a roaring sound in an area, and if you approach, you see a little kitty scamper off. I dunno.

igame3d Wrote:He should regain health from heaps of zombie corn bodies after slicing and dicing them.

This actually sounds good.

If scarecrow throws flaming straw at enemies, it would be cool if this cost him health (since he is in essence picking himself apart) and so it would be good to have a ready source of health (from the zombie corn bodies).

Scarecrow might also be able to pull off a scare-combo that freezes enemies in their tracks for a moment while he has a chance to beat them up.

scarecrow moves - neverever - Jan 10, 2004 08:09 PM

sure thing, i can put hidden references in.

I like the vampiric idea. Im thinking ill use the kind of scarecrow that has a pumpkin for a head, so I can use that as the source of fire. Ill make his tounge the candle, and the straw bushes that he grabs out of himself and lights will act as grenades.

Of course he cant toss nades all the time, so he has a vampiric grave reaper weapon. That or health powerups could just pop out when you kill certain guys.

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 10, 2004 09:11 PM

Okay, moves, moves, moves
[gets in mood, hits brother a bit, gets beat up by brother, stumbles back to computer]


Okay, so for the scarecrow:

moves: basic hand to hand combat, but very jerky, like a puppet, a kick, a punch. Also can expend life force in blasting straw out about him which makes enemies slip as the run about you. After battle, you can regain the lost health by gathering the straw you used. You can also enter power mode: you light yourself on fire and hug an enemie, they scream and writhe as your health depletes. They burn to death in your grisly embrace, then you have to roll on the ground to put yourself out. another attack would be: you can take off your arms, like, rip them off and drop them to the ground. You then can only make weak kicks against opponents till you pick up your arms again, but inthe meantime, your arms writhe across teh ground and hamper your opponent,s pull them to teh ground and position them for you to kick the shit out of them. Some dangerous enemies could pick up your arms and attach them, then having 3 or 4 arms they could beat you to a pulp, punching you everywhere in a blur like the matrix 1 when agent smith hammers Neos chest agaisnt the wall in the subway station. The scarecrow could let a charging enemy get tehir head stuck in his chest, to it was sticking out his back, he could then flex his muscles slowly as teh target screams horribly until its head rolls off, leaving a spurting corpse and a head with a terrible expression on it. The scarecrow could even rip out the eyes of fallen enemies and plant them on his arms and back, giving him a bonus agaisnt enemies because he would look so freaky! Also, the scarecrow could store hard body-parts of fallen foes in his sternum and take them out to throw at/beat on further enemies, sending htem screaming into full retreat. I kinda imagined teh scarecrow with an evil smile and no eyes, just blackened burn marks where eyes should be. He was also wearing a pirates hat and pretty badass, from his knees down he was soaked in blood and hanging limply from one of his arms was a bloody mass of what was probably 70% of the internal organs in his most recent opponent. this scarecrow takes no shit!

Robot: The robot can flail about him with his wires, it has a chance to trip a running opponent or otherwise gives lightly armored targets lacerations. Sometimes while flailing a wire wil catch onto an opponent adn teh robot can start moving fast and drag the opponent along the ground, or pump raw voltage down the wire to give the opponent a nasty shock. The robot could also flail the wires on the ground in front of it fast, raising a dust smoke-screen to hide in. Another combat move would be to pick up an object from the ground in with one arm, and by stepping or rolling onto the end of the wires from the other arm create a taut bow out of the stretched wire, then draw back and fire teh object from teh bow. The robot could aslo electrify teh wire just as it fired, sending a sparking ball of burns and spasms toward some poor bastard. The robot could aslo wrap its wires around a close opponents face, then pull its arms apart slicing the face into salami between the wires. The robot could also wrap teh wires around the neck of an opponent and pull itself onto tehir back, riding them with one wire-arm while thrashing and lacerating nearby enemies witht eh otehr arm as the ridden enemy runs about screaming, until when other nearby enemies are defeated the robot sends a lethal electric shock down its wires killing its ride and leaving it twitching on the ground. Final attack for the robot (maybe only allow this near the end of the game) is that the robot spreads its wires across a pile of its lacerated and shcoked opponent's corpses and "powers them up" sending electricity into them and animating them, cauing them to walk, attatched by the wires lurchingly, like lightning-struck zombies engaging their previous allies in gruesome combat. I imagined the robot either with legs or treads, but mostly humanoid in shape, with long vicious wires of twisting black, very thin, witht eh occasional spark coming from them. His eyes are just a pair of black shiny patches on his head. He isn't bloody, but he is blackened from teh forearms down and wrapped inthe tangled wires, being draged slowly behind him, are varied burn bits of corpses, some heads, etc. This robot is a badass mother f**ker, he turns his head slowly and calculatingly towards a target, then moves with terrible precision and whips them, leaving them kneeling and sobbing, their hands move apart ot reveal two lacerations across their face, going right through their eyes, they turn and start to scramble away, accidentally tripping and becoming entangled in the robots wires where teh lie twitching with the elctricity until tehy start to burn.

oh yeah, i imagined an evil robot and a badass scarecrow, they may ot be suitable for an edutainement title exactly, but its nice to haev a game finnaly with characters you hate but have to play.

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 10, 2004 09:24 PM

besides, the scarecrow has good reason to be nagry, his farm got messed wwith right? and the armless robot just hates the world because its got no arms. So you see thats my envisioning of your game, i know its gonna rule, can't wait to see it!

oh yeah, your porbably wondering how bad my brother beat me. not quite as bad as I've described, so that doesn't explain me. Its jsut I get sick of bein nice all the time for my girlfriend, etc, hell, i spent the day at a Debate meet! surrounded by preppy kids who hadn't seen the sun for weeks! (and i got 5th place in rhode island, thank you very much) so i had some extra violence ready. + I go to a quaker school, no violence allowed, so i need to make up for it on the weekends. why am i making excuses? i did nothing worng. well, its late. why am i still typing. i wonder if i am actually gonna submit this post. probably not. wow, sorry for wasting your time if i do submit it. maybe i can make up for it by adding some new moves to teh aboe post. ok. scarecrow can take off his hat and the straw of his head peels apart like a giant mouth on the top of his head, and he beands and sticks it over an oponents head, bites, then puts his hat back on (witht eh opponents head inside his.) he then spits eyeballs at opponents, followed by machine-gun-fire of teeth and then finally shards of skull. new move for robot. hmmm. okay, the robot whirls about in a storm of wires making thin painful cuts in its oppoenets all about it, they write and scream, etc, etc, and then the robot stops whirling and all the opponents are blind, and they stagger at random, trying desperately to hear through tehir shattered faces where the robot is as tehy try to flee. it comes up behind them one by one and slowly slides its wires about them, they shudder but ae unable to make any noise but a hiss as their vocal chords are cut, and then the robot starts to slide the wires about them faster until the wirse saw into teh opponetn and cut them apart into this weirdly shapped pile of meat pieces. it then shakes the blood of its wires and stalks teh next blind/deaf/mute victim. Thats teh way to teach people not to mess with your buddys farm!

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 10, 2004 09:26 PM

one final note: i am not ussually this violent/vicious. bad mood tonight, sry.

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 10, 2004 09:41 PM

but, back to the slaughter, i thought it would be cool if the scarecrow could arm himself with a pair of spines ripped from opponents and strike about him!

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 10, 2004 09:43 PM

also, it would be neat if the robot could run for a very short itme on his wires like a spider before they collapsed and dropped him onto an opponet from above.

scarecrow moves - Nevada - Jan 10, 2004 09:53 PM

... You have way too much time on your hands to think about these things... Wow. Blink

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 10, 2004 09:57 PM

Oh! Oh! make the scarecrow able to recieve an electrical charegup from the robot so that it delivers staic shocks to nearby enemies that leave reddened and raw wounds that he can then reach into with his hand and pull out organs! ex: scarecrow is enveloped in wires and gets the cahregup. he then punches an enemy in the sternum, blasting the skin off and leaving it all red, then he reaches inside the wound and pulls out a couple of feet of intesting (still atatched at both eneds to opponent) and strangles the opponent to death with his own intestines! the irony! the coolness!

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 10, 2004 10:09 PM

heres another (i am on a roll!) the scarecrow should wind up and punch an enemy in the exact center of their spine, and there should be a kind of ripple through there body that breaks all their bones, or maybe just all the bones within a 10 foot radius in any enemy! and the enemy collapses like a sack of flesh but stays alive, staring at him, and he can wear his living deboned victims as a cloak!

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 11, 2004 11:05 AM

oh oh oh! why am i so good at coming up with these! The scarecrow should feign death and fall to the ground, his nervous enemies (nervous cause hes still wearing the living but de-boned friends of tehirs as a cloak) approach, but jsut tehn (he is a scarecrow) a blackness spreads across the horizon and then the sun blots out. They look up to see a swarm of vicious, dirty and ragged zombie-crows, previously defeated enemies of the scarecrow, descend upon them, pecking, diseasing, eviscerating! They rip open and ragged wounds across the enemies, and then when they are all lying in the fetal position on the ground, semiconscious, the scarecrow stands up, and the crows flee, perhaps dragging between them a few of the enemies. The scarecrow then strides away, chuckling. This move could be very beautiful because there would be great contrast between the oily-black crows feathers littering the ground and the red blood seeping between them.

scarecrow moves - David - Jan 11, 2004 11:35 AM

Blink Blink Blink

scarecrow moves - whogben - Jan 11, 2004 11:56 AM

Hey, i can't help it if it comes naturally to me...

but anyway, i thought the spine-ripping and then using the spines as weapons was just plain awesome. I really hope you use some of my suggestions. As far as Wizard of Oz games go, yours will be the first I enjoy.