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Vaugely game related - arekkusu - Sep 22, 2003 01:37 AM

Shameless self promotion:

New Album.

Some tracks (2, 4, 6, 9, 13, misc bits) are video game themed.

Vaugely game related - Cookie - Sep 23, 2003 06:21 AM

Funny stuff! I love the cover art.

I'm about to head off to bed, but I thought I'd have a quick listen to one of the tracks, which happens to be The House on Bellmont Hill.
Although it has a sinister theme with the screaming, I still find it funny, like that weird dude at the end of the track. Overall I think it's a really cool track, and I love that guitar solo. Only critisism would be the bass line, I would love to hear a nice low bass line to support the lead guitar, rather than the current plucky mid-tone bass. Other than that, awesome stuff, and I will be sure to look at the other tracks soon.

Vaugely game related - arekkusu - Sep 23, 2003 09:49 AM


Bass etc on the video game covers are generally following the original tunes, with some improvisation. That means E or D tuning most of the time. Check out "Forest of Monkeys" on the Blood Sausage album for a lower bassline in B. "Horrible NIght to Find a Chord" on the Creeping Banana album is also in B, but an octave higher.

Vaugely game related - NCarter - Sep 23, 2003 12:41 PM

Better not try to deconstruct your tracks too much... I've read your reviews page, you'll probably quote me or something... so I'll just say I really like your stuff. Obey Monkey is especially excellent.