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Make this music better - Carlos Camacho - Jun 16, 2003 08:02 AM

Hi all,

A while ago I mentioned I would "someday" post my music. Well, my stuff isn't done -- it is a very very work in progress, but I lack the time with so much to do. I have 10 short songs. Short because the intention is to use them in games. All of them have only a few tracks (ie drum, a bit of synth, etc) Maybe 4 tracks at most. What I would like to see is for the musicans out there to download the 10 songs (AIFF format), and layer some more tracks on each song (ie catchy bass line, voice samples, more synths, etc)

When you are done, post a link so I can download them. (Keep them in AIFF) Then when I get enough, I'd like to convert them to MP3 and post them for the community to have.

p.s. No time to go into each song. However, song05 is a good drum beat for "Front 242", song08, would appear in Matrix 3, song10 is my baby, and should be in "Ghost in the Shell" (non-anime version if they ever make it.) When I hear it, I want to go on a shooting/kick ass rampage.

Ok, so who wants to "produce" me?
54MB!! And please note that this link is temp., and will go down after I get some tasty re-mixes, etc..

Thanks and have fun!

Make this music better - Greg Gant - Jun 18, 2003 03:14 AM

You wouldn't happen to have the midi data would you?

Make this music better - DaFalcon - Jun 18, 2003 05:21 PM

Carlos, are these files available under the iDG license with you as author? Or are you saying "no one use these until they are 'finalized'" right now?

Make this music better - Carlos Camacho - Jun 18, 2003 05:43 PM

Greg, no MIDI files. They were built using audio files (ie small loops)

DaFalcon, yes I mean "Don't use them yet or I will make your life hell." Once they are "improved", then they will have the iDG license.

Still waiting for more music people to find this thread. :sorry: