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Simple Quake Variant? - deekpyro - Mar 14, 2003 06:42 AM

I'm a C++/Objective-C/Java programmer interesting in developing a new video game technology. What I'd like to do is create some simple models and use the (Open Source) Quake engine so I could have a couple simple guys running around on a simple map.

Any one know where I should even start?

Any one familar with the Quake engine?

Thanks a lot, I have hope this presentation I'll eventually have to give on this new technology will definately push the gaming world forward in some way, shape or forum.


Simple Quake Variant? - Frank C. - Mar 14, 2003 03:54 PM

I'm not one to pimp my own site on bulletin boards, but it's really the only place on the net with a nice list Mac Quake editing links and info:

pOx's Playhouse

Quake 1 editing is absolutely possible on the Mac (as long as you don't mind classic), The state of Mac Quake 2 editing is not so good, but a MacOSX GtkRadiant would help that along greatly...

I'm very familiar with the Q1 engine and tools if you have any specific questions, but it sounds like you'd be more comfortable with the F.O.D. Cocoa port rather than the Carbon port that I have contributed too in the past (the core engine is the same regardless).

Simple Quake Variant? - deekpyro - Mar 14, 2003 08:09 PM

Cool Frank! I appreciate all the help I can get. That site definately helps me out but I'm still a long way from having enough knowledge to concivable tackle this project. So my AIM SN is TeraRWM, and Frank or anyone else that is knowledgable in this area (even if it's not he Quake engine, but making Quake variants) please message me, for the good of this project I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use the Quake source to even route to a main menu (not used to game programming or starting with an engine like this, but I'm so happy and willing to learn)

Thanks again,

Simple Quake Variant? - Frank C. - Mar 15, 2003 01:24 AM

I swore off all IM programs long ago (too much of a distraction). I'll answer any specific questions you might have (if I can) here, or on my site, or via email, but I may not always be prompt with my replies (lots'o crap going down work-wise ATM).

I would really recommend spending some time at the Quake C / Engine coding sites linked from my site. There is an abundance of information on Quake 1 out there, including some massive forum archives with answers to all sorts of common questions (not to mention tutorials). It's always worth doing a bit of research on your own before asking questions that turn out to be trivial in hindsight.

Quake 1 has been hacked to death, so chances are you'll be able to find code that does exactly what you want, or at least offers a starting point.

Simple Quake Variant? - deekpyro - Mar 15, 2003 07:58 PM

Actually after reading through a lot of these sites I'm starting to get an idea that just making a Quake 3 mod would be much easier (and off more flexbility?). Have any links for tutorials or how I could go about making a Quake 3 mod on a mac?


Simple Quake Variant? - ThrottleMonkey - Mar 16, 2003 12:21 AM

Personally, I would like to do very bad things to all the game programmers out there that port to Mac but don't port the SDK (Software Development Kit - to those that don't know, it lets you make modifications [mods]). I don't know of any game to date (save some mac-built titles like Myth) that have SDK's.

I want them.

I need them.

I must have them.


Simple Quake Variant? - deekpyro - Mar 16, 2003 03:37 PM

BTW, I heard that the Quake 3 source of was made available. Is this the COMPLETE source (minus the graphics and Id software stuff of course)? Also is there a mac version of the source?


Simple Quake Variant? - Frank C. - Mar 16, 2003 10:18 PM

The Q3 source is the game logic (client/server stuff), and there are no platform specific versions. Quake3 runs a virtual machine, so you could say the platform is Quake3 itself, but Id pulled a bonehead move and packaged it in a Windows exe installer (I don't think they fixed this, even after many complaints from Mac & Linux users).

There's a Q3 section on my site, with links maintained by one of the most knowledgeable Mac-Q3 freaks I've come across... BUT...

Right now, it's difficult (if not impossible) to make any sort of semi-complex Q3 mod on a Mac, unless you have a lot of patience, and a copy of Virtual PC.

GtkRadiant is actually *very* close to being usable on OSX (with X11) for mapping, and skinning/texturing/shaders/scripts are always editable with standard tools (PakRat doesn't hurt either!) BUT...

I don't know of any native MD3 tools, and some stuff like compiling QVM's (game logic dll's) and bot waypoints just can't be done on a Mac due to closed sourced compilers (this is where VirtualPC comes in handy).

Also keep in mind that there is a pretty strict EULA for making Q3 mods whereas you basically have free reign with Q1/Q2 via the GPL.

In short, making a Q3 mod on a Mac is possible, but there are a lotta "BUT's".

Simple Quake Variant? - burden - Mar 17, 2003 12:21 PM

Quote:Originally posted by Frank C.

There's a Q3 section on my site, with links maintained by one of the most knowledgeable Mac-Q3 freaks I've come across...


Registration here required at least five letters, for some reason...

The links in the Playhouse Q3 section are mostly art-related, not only because I'm not a coder, but because resources about coding mods on Macs simply don't exist. Sad

To expand a little on Frank's summary:

- There's an MD3 exporter for Maya with source available...

If, like most people, Maya doesn't fit in your pocket, the MD3 format has been documented, maybe to an extent that someone could write a tool for the rest of us.

- As of November, I believe source for both q3asm and id's modified lcc have become available; theoretically, it should now be possible to port the tools needed to build qvms.

- Gamecode source is here. The 1.32 versions should have the tool source included. As Frank implies, you'll need VPC just to pop open either the Windows or Linux installers.

- The aas compiler for bot support will probably never be opened. Most mods of any depth go beyond the usefulness of that compiler anyway, but it remains a big hole in the mapping toolchain. One can hope, I guess, that once Radiant is useful on the Mac, someone at id will have some free time to port bspc in-house. ZZZ

- Freedom, some very cool hacks and a set of relatively mature Mac tools makes Quake1 the best choice for this kind of thing in my mind. Anything you do for Q3 will be alone and uphill, though if you were to get some working Mac tools out there you might find some happy companions. Smile