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Motionbuilder For Osx!!! - AJ Infinity - Feb 22, 2003 08:39 PM

Alllllrrrright! MotionBuilder is on OSX!!! MotionBuilder is one of the most awesome character animation apps I've ever seen. Check it out here.

I'm soooo happy. It even intergrates with LW. Poser 5 isn't on OSX yet, so here I come motionbuilder.

MotionBuilder's used by companies like Capcom and WETA (Weta did the CG work in LOTR with Shake and Maya)

Motionbuilder For Osx!!! - AJ Infinity - Feb 23, 2003 11:36 AM

I GUESS NO ONE CARES AND WANTS TO WASTE HOURS MAKING AMATUERISH CHARACTER ANIMATIONS. Either that, or no one's making 3D games. MotionBuilder's helping me do the awesome plasmablade fighting moves in my game AJ Infinity and also it's helping do some other character motions. Anyway, MotionBuilder saves alot of time and has an interface like LW and 3ds Max so it's "easy" for me to use.

You can get the personal edition for only $99. The full edition's expensive.

Motionbuilder For Osx!!! - macboy - Feb 23, 2003 12:06 PM

Quote:Originally posted by AJ Infinity
1) I don't care 2) I'm not an artist Rasp

Motionbuilder For Osx!!! - AJ Infinity - Feb 23, 2003 02:23 PM

I'm not an artist either. (well, not really) I do animations for CG movies and FBX and MOT motions for my 3D game AJ Infinity. When you see this game, you'll understand why I was so happy to have motion builder (imagine: 300+ different animations for one character; motionbuilder helps out alot).

Alot of LightWave 3D animators use apps like Poser, MotionBuilder, and project: messiah in conjunction with LW.

Motionbuilder For Osx!!! - Bachus - Feb 24, 2003 01:07 PM

Where's the demo? No way I'm buying a program I've never heard of before I try it out.

Motionbuilder For Osx!!! - codemattic - Feb 25, 2003 01:59 AM

So whats great about MotionBuilder compared to other animation software?

When I create an animation in MB what various formats will it export it in that I can then read in from my own software?


Motionbuilder For Osx!!! - AJ Infinity - Feb 25, 2003 09:10 PM

First off, get MB only if your willing to spend about $1,000 on a top notch, realistic animation system that will make things like running motions and motion capture easier. AFAIK, there's no demo. Grin I haven't bought it yet and the $100 Personal Edition is Windows only. Sad Poser 5 is Windows only so we have no choice but to use what we've got (pure Cinema, pure Maya, pure LW, etc)

It exports motions in the FBX file format. MB isn't here to replace your current 3D app but to make it more powerful.

Quote:From the link I posted
Animate without the Complexity
Have you ever dreamed of being able to animate 3D characters without having to understand or master complex mathematics or algorithms? You need technology simple to use though powerful enough to let you realize your wildest ideas? MOTIONBUILDERô is the first ever, easy to use, 3D animation software for Macintosh users. Using the latest concepts in user interface technology, MOTIONBUILDERô let's you, the artist, focus on creating content while we take care of all the complex details in the background.
Simply Powerful
MOTIONBUILDERô was designed for professionals in ad agencies, production studios and games development companies, and gives them, easy to use, high quality tools. Characters can be animated in a matter of minutes and changes on previously animated sequences are just a few clicks away. Blend together multiple clips as you are editing video, make your characters talk using lip-syncing technology or even mix-in audio and video clips to produce rich and compelling sequences. These are all simple tasks to accomplish with MOTIONBUILDERô. We do not require you to understand how we do it. Use the power to unleash your creative side.
Stay Connected
We all need to be connected. Today artists need a palette of tools ranging from 3D scanners, modeling software, animation, rendering and asset management. There is a wide variety of solutions available and most of us want to use multiple tools in our production pipeline. Understanding the need to connect these technologies, Kaydara has been promoting a revolutionary new 3D File Interchange format called FBX. With more than 20 companies already supporting this format, you will never be limited in you choice of tools. FBX is supported by popular 3D softwares such as Maya, Max, XSI, LightWave, ElectricImage, Cinema 4D and many others.
Share your Ideas
Need to share your ideas by allowing others to manipulate and interact with your 3D content? Apple and Kaydara have announced FBX support in QuickTime (free component download), letting anybody with a Mac (accelerated 3D hardware required) view and interact with FBX files. Now, with MOTIONBUILDERô, your 3D content has never looked so good.

EDIT: There's a personal edition for OSX now.