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OpenAL & reverb - Theome - Feb 5, 2003 12:27 PM


I'm developing a game for Mac OS X, using OpenGL. I chose OpenAL as the sound API as it looked very easy for me to understand. I found out how to play sounds from different directions and with the doppler effect very soon, but i don't know how to use other effects such as reverb-effects. is reverbation supported in the mac version of OpenAL yet?



OpenAL & reverb - willThimbleby - Feb 5, 2003 01:33 PM

Ah... finally remembered my password. Smile

No OpenAL on the mac does not support reverb yet. And to be honest it does not look like it ever will. Sad

CoreAudio has some cool reverb and 3D effects, although they wont be suppoeted by sound cards and are a bit high quality (slow) for games. Nethertheless I would love to see a CoreAudio OpenAL replacement.

OpenAL & reverb - Theome - Feb 5, 2003 02:20 PM

hm... i've heard that westlake used openal for some of their games (unreal tournament?). how did they use reverbation? and what sound API do you suggest for a 3d game? i don't want to use FMOD since i can't sell my game as shareware without paying a license fee of $100 I can't afford as a student.

coreAudio seems to be *very* difficult, i don't know where to start and i couldn't find any tutorials or documentation.

afaik is sound manager carbon only - i don't want to mix up my cocoa code with carbon (maybe this will cause problems in the future?). same thing with game sprockets - they don't seem to be supported anymore.

are we osx game developers completely left alone? Sad