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isfacingpoint - skyhawk - Oct 19, 2002 03:42 PM

// returns if unit is facing within a degrees of point
//angle that the object is facing, where to face, within how many degrees
//bob includes x and y positions and directions and other things if you want to assume
char isfacingpoint(OT *bob,float xpos,float ypos,int degrees)

any quick(or even non quick) ways to do this? It has been troubling my brain all afternoon

isfacingpoint - Jeff Binder - Oct 19, 2002 07:40 PM

Perhaps something like this:

//Warning! Untested!
char isfacingpoint(OT *bob,float xpos,float ypos,int degrees) {
  float xv = xpos - bob.x;
  float yv = ypos - bob.y;
  float angle = atan2(yv, xv) * (180. / 3.14159);
  float diff = fabs(angle - bob.angle);

  if (diff > 180)
    diff = 360 - diff;
  return diff <= degrees;

This assumes that bob.angle is measured in the counter-clockwise direction off the positive x axis. Otherwise you may have to flip some coordinates or add something to the angle.

EDIT: oops, I meant counter-clockwise.