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Starting 3d programming - ghazban - Sep 5, 2002 10:00 PM

The nehe-tutorials doesn't seem to work in MacOS 10.2 if you do like they do in .

You can download a working port of it for the MacOSX that works, but it's not written using GLUT, and it's written in cocoa which I have yet to learn... can somebody help me on how to get started with GLUT and OpenGL in Jaguar?

Starting 3d programming - ededed - Sep 6, 2002 10:47 AM

If you are using Cocoa (Mac OS X) here is some useful source code I made for Selection and Picking.

You can download from index.html space goon with source code, it is a game I made that lets you bash spaceships into each other. It uses OpenGL and Cocoa frameworks but it is not Object Oriented because I coded it really badly yet it is still useful and easy to read.

The Cocoa-OpenGL.sit thing should go in developer/ProjectBuilderExtras/ProjectBuilderTemplates/Applications in with Cocoa-Application Cocoa-DocumentBased-Application and all that. Then In project builder you should be able to go new Project and make an Cocoa-OpenGL application really quickly.

Source code for space goon and a good ProjectBuilder template should help... right?

Starting 3d programming - DJBlufire - Sep 23, 2002 09:10 AM

The link to the Cocoa-OpenGL template isn't working...

Starting 3d programming - Feanor - Sep 23, 2002 12:04 PM

Quote:Originally posted by Iceman
It's known as the OpenGL red book by almost every programmer but the real name is "OpenGL Programming Guide" (half of the cover is red & the publisher is Addison Wesley). Also there's the OpenGL blue book (it's more advanced) which I've never seen but I know that it's a lot smaller and it doesn't explain anything. Get the red book before anything else;

The OpenGL Programming Guide is available online in a couple of places -- both are stuck at v1.1 (printed edition is v1.2, OpenGL itself just ratified v1.4), but still applicable and fine for beginners.

Red Book

The Blue Book is actually just a reference manual to all OpenGL functions and constants. If you are not on OS X yet, you might have a browse through gl.h and glu.h just to get a feel. SGI (the originator of OpenGL) has an ftp server full of OpenGL Documentation. The best thing on this page would be the openGL man pages, which come in a tar.Z format for unix unfortunately.

Also, check out the class notes from any university computer graphics course, such as those at Ryerson CPS511. I just started this course three weeks ago.


Starting 3d programming - Babbler - Sep 23, 2002 12:28 PM

Quote:Originally posted by DJBlufire
The link to the Cocoa-OpenGL template isn't working...

Typical Geocities. *shrug* You'll need to cut and paste the URL so there isn't a referral sent to the server.

Starting 3d programming - Jeff Binder - Sep 23, 2002 12:32 PM

OS X includes all of the GL man pages, as well. Just type 'man glClear' at the terminal, for example. These man pages are exactly the same thing that you get in the Blue book. Of course, the Blue book also includes some nice tables and a pull-out diagram Smile .

Starting 3d programming - Feanor - Sep 23, 2002 03:15 PM

Quote:Originally posted by Jeff Binder
OS X includes all of the GL man pages, as well. Just type 'man glClear' at the terminal, for example.
I neglected to mention that Smile. Unfortunately, the original poster is on Mac OS 9.2. -- FÎanor