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uv paint mapper - trip - Jun 29, 2002 07:07 AM

Hello all, I was wanting to ask if anyone is, has or could they create a UV paint mapper for OSX.
Something freeware or shareware, The modeling programs are coming along but I can't
put color to my creations yet. I know of blender but it has realy poor format support.

uv paint mapper - inio - Jul 4, 2002 01:16 AM

What exactly are you looking for? I'm guessing its one of:

1. Interface to map an existing texture onto a 3d model
2. Program to allow you to draw onto a 3d model, creating a texture

For 1, there has to be something like that out there. I never used MeshWork much - will it do it? Not sure if it's been carbonized yet but I see no reason it wouldn't run in Classic.

As for 2, AFAIK you're pretty much out of luck in the freeware/shareware department. Theres an older program called Fractal Design Detailer (later owned by Ray Dream Inc., MetaCreations, and now Corel?) which does that, but its pretty expensive IIRC. I highly doubt it's been carbonzied, so no cue where to look here if you NEED a X-native app.

uv paint mapper - Carlos Camacho - Jul 4, 2002 06:41 AM


Do you mean Painter 3D? It is indeed discontinued. But perhaps you can find it in a bargain bin.

BodyPaint (Cinema 4D) comes to mind too, but $$$.

Zbrush or Deep Paint, but again $$$.

uv paint mapper - trip - Jul 4, 2002 08:28 AM

Well the only thing that I find is Bodypaint like you said.
I have learned by now if it's not on Version Tracker or Sourceforge
it does not exist yet. Except maybe japan. Or it's so obscure google won't find it at all.

And I just presume that as always I seek out these things many months to soon.
As I still wait for powerfull tablet touch screens ( july 17 hopefuly ) .

And Zbrush will most likely have to be what I must get. For the price point.
But I just love OpenGL Betas. You can still influenece the creator to create the dream app.

So my new question is. Where should I go to ask developers to consider making a UV app
for the community. But most likely not Apples mailing list since that is not realy a Fourm for all
to see when a day goes by the message is gone.

uv paint mapper - monteboyd - Jul 4, 2002 04:08 PM

If you are talking about a UV mapper (i.e mapping a texture onto an object's vertices using UV co-ords) then I think the problem for OpenGL is a lack of a standard 3D file format. Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software released his in-house UV-mapper tool but is works with QD3D and 3DMF.

BTW, Meshwork is Carbonised and does allow you to do UV-mapping. So if that is what you are trying to do then it is a solution.

uv paint mapper - Carlos Camacho - Jul 4, 2002 05:25 PM

Get Meshwork, and if it doesn't have the feature you want, ask him to add it.

Or get Brian's stuff, ask him for the code, and see if you can get someone to port it to OpenGL.

uv paint mapper - trip - Jul 5, 2002 07:48 PM

Thanks kids. I have passed the Pangea software to someone to try to port it to
Wings and OSX. Good news came from Blender. It will become Open Source soon.
So that will have a huge Jolt of new features for UV and other things.
I'm useing bodypaint 3d while I take screen shots from it. It works for me for now.

Thanks all.