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Symbotica for iPhone - maybe - BeyondCloister - Aug 8, 2010 06:06 AM

After getting myself an iPhone 4 I decide to see if I good get my iPad game, Symbotica, running on it.

After some fiddling around I have got it running. However due to the reduced size of the screen I'm not 100% sure that the game is still playable.

I could scale up the size of the cards but then that makes the game area smaller compared to the iPad version.

I have still to see if it will work on my 3G iPhone.

Would anyone with an iPhone 4 like to be beta tester to see if it is playable?

RE: Symbotica for iPhone - maybe - BeyondCloister - Aug 11, 2010 01:21 PM

After battling through crashes that did not occur in iOS 3.2 I now have a stable version that runs on the iPad and iPhone 4.

I have done more play testing and think I'm going to have to modify the game for when it runs on the iPhone.
However it does look very likely that I will release a universal iPad / iPhone version so those with only an iPhone can enjoy the game.