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C4Dgames: WIP..a new team, a new game - amilcojazz - Aug 12, 2010 02:44 PM

Hi all

I' m really proud to announce the first project of a new team founded by me and other 5 italian talents.

the C4Dgames ( )

Our project is developed for I-Phone.

WIP is an arcade Platform you can find more info on our blog:

We are waiting for the Apple approval to be able to buy WIP on the Apple store

[Image: screen3.png]

[Image: screen2.png]

I really hope you can write feedback about C4dgames and WIP. Thankyou

kind regards

Aldo Scoppa

RE: C4Dgames: WIP..a new team, a new game - amilcojazz - Sep 18, 2010 08:25 AM

Hi all

a little upgrade

We released the version 1.1 with the focus on improving the gameplay. Now it is faster and there are more things going on on the screen to make it more challenging. We added other obstacle types, the barrier bonus and a warning for imminent meteors. Story mode initial levels still simple, but very quick to solve. All this has been possible thanks to the performance improvements we worked since W.I.P. was released on Apple Store.
A new soundtrack has been composed for the challenge mode.
Our next planned upgrade will include OpenFeint Leaderboards to compare the scores with other players and more gameplay additions.

List of upgrades:
Performance improvements.
Faster space buses.
New meteors.
New space ships.
Barrier bonus.
New challenge mode soundtrack.
New game icon!
Exit Game bug fixed.

Kind regards