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Stick Stunt Biker - hecco - Aug 24, 2010 02:22 AM

Hi guys!

[Image: 2.png]

Bike fun and challenging tracks using your destructible stick biker including jumps, loopings and other funny obstacles by using accelerometer technology and state of the art, agil, fast and direct physic bike controls.

* Stick graphics!
* Fun ragdoll physics with destructible ragdoll (biker will shatter into parts if you crash hard enough)
* Destructible motor bike
* Realistic bike physics
* Realistic bike shocks
* Agil and fast reacting bike using accelerometer technologie
* Race against your own ghost! (ghost will show the best/last ride)
* Multiple achievements to unlock!
* Online and Offline highscore
* Directly compare yourself against all other players or your friends
* Worldranking displayed after each race finished
* Up to 10 different tracks
* Jumps, Loopings, Walls, etc.

RE: Stick Stunt Biker - TWilson - Sep 1, 2010 03:20 PM

Right on Smile