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Source code for sale - tuanlt - Aug 24, 2010 11:56 PM

Up for sale is my custom iPhone Application named Catch N' Shoot.
This is an application like Hunter game on iPhone.
There are many image objects display random on the screen : pig, switch, fly or birds… You can get both of animation images and background images attached in our source code also.
We use accelometter technique in iPhone to control the image object to the center of screen where there is a cross hair.
Tap on the GUN in the bottom right corner to shoot.
Each time tap on GUN button, the iPhone will vibrate and each object image will be updated base on shoot successfully or unsuccessfully.

There are 2 options for shooting:
- Imagine mode: use screen image.
- Camera mode: use real world as background , you can shoot a switch on your friend 's face.

Catch N' Shoot has many features
- Simple, elegant users interface
- Revolution of hunting games
- Share score with your friend on Facebook and Twitter

I'm selling Catch N' Shoot because we have many projects at the same time.
We are not enough staffs to marketing and support so we would rather sell it.
If you are interested in this application.

Please contact us with any questions.

My email address is

Happy Bidding!

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