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Composer Looking to Create Portfolio (Free Music) - ClevelandProductions - Aug 25, 2010 06:31 AM

I am a UK based composer. I have only just become aware of the huge potential there is in music for games so I am currently looking to build a portfolio of work. For a short while I will not charge ANYTHING for this service, that is unless the project is stupidly large that it'll take up weeks of my time. I hope that this interests many of the developers on this forum. I'm sure you know that music is an important part of any game.

Before anyone gets any preconceived ideas that because I am not charging anything it will be of a lesser quality than someone who is, this is simply not true. I am purely looking to create a portfolio of professional quality music.

I have worked on music for film and music for popular release so I am ready for any challenge you guys can throw at me!

I can work to any genre and I hope I can work with many of you!

I am currently creating a website with examples of my work, so I will post that later today.

If you are interested contact (Yes the English Spelling of Colours Wink)

Here is the website as promised!

RE: Composer Looking to Create Portfolio (Free Music) - charreddirt - Mar 14, 2012 01:10 PM

I was trying to listen to some of your tracks but they don't seem to be online. Any way I could preview any of your music?