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Beginning Iphone game development collision - lunayo - Oct 8, 2010 11:43 AM

anyone using Beginning iphone game development book framework?
i'm using that framework in collision. the function collision seems weird when checking two object with the same class. how to resolve it?
what is wrong with this
// now check to see if anything is hitting anything else
for (BBSceneObject * colliderObject in collidersToCheck) {
for (BBSceneObject * collideeObject in allColliders) {
if (colliderObject == collideeObject) continue;
if ([colliderObject.collider doesCollideWithCollider:collideeObject.collider]) {
/*if ([colliderObject respondsToSelector:@selector(didCollideWithSmile])
[colliderObject didCollideWith:collideeObject];
[colliderObject setTranslation:BBPointMake(0, 0, 0)];
//if i set colliderObject translation to 0,0 the collideeObject translation is follow changed to 0,0 too ???