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6DOF using accelerometer and gyroscope - cbroaddus - Oct 14, 2010 09:12 AM

Has any one developed 6DOF pose estimation using only the iPhone sensors, not video? Drift from the accelerometer and gyroscope are understood.

The gyroscope provides fairly reliable relative orientation rates. I've been able to develop with the gyroscope data.

However, I'm having more problems deriving translation from the accelerometer. Double integration of the acceleration leads to useless position data very quickly (less than half a second).

I have attempted to remove the bias with a calibration step, but the position is still poor. What's worse, is the bias isn't constant. It changes over time, and the noise drowse the signal.

I'm interested if anyone has been able to develop a 6DOF with only the accelerometer and gyroscope that works reliably for 5-10 seconds with little drift in both translation and orientation.

RE: 6DOF using accelerometer and gyroscope - Skorche - Oct 14, 2010 09:25 AM

I seriously doubt that this is possible. While the gyro seems to be surprisingly accurate, the accelerometer simply is not. Regardless of the precision that the accelerometer has, it gives you so much noise that realistically the best you can do with it is to recognize gestures or tilt.

I suspect that if what you wanted was possible, that somebody with lots of money would have hired somebody smart enough to figure this out by now for either the iPhone's, Wii's or PS3's accelerometers.