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iPad, OpenGL ES, and XCode Instruments problem! - Bandit - Dec 13, 2010 01:21 PM

Hello again!

I would really appreciate some help! I have been running into an issue for my iPad app using XCode Instruments of the iOS SDK v4.1, OpenGL ES 1.1 (fixed function), and my iPad. Basically, when I trY to debug in XCode on the device in DEBUG mode using the OpenGL ES instruments tool, it seems to be reporting wacky Resource Bytes values. When I first start my app it is reporting Resource Bytes of like 27-30 MegaBytes. I disabled my code that loads textures into OpenGL, so a blank screen just shows up, and it still shows the same values!

My game is only a 2D game that creates 2 triangles per sprite. It is also built as a universal binary because it is also going to work on iPhone-iPod Touch too. So, the only thing texture related I can see that could be loading is the color buffer and frame buffer that are initialized in the OpenGL ES default project settings-code when you start an new project in XCode. I don't initialize a depth buffer or stencil buffer as it is a 2D game.

I don't even know if those buffers are added to Resource Bytes or not??? And if so, they should technically be only around 3MB each (1024x768x4) right? Do you think this is a bug perhaps with instruments? Has anyone seen strange behavior like this or can you think of something I might be overlooking?

Thank you so much in advance, I am really stumped here! Sad

- Mike