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Converting unix SDL project to xcode - Dominus - Jan 3, 2011 04:46 AM

Hi all,

I'm new here but my search on figuring out my problem led me here, so... here I am Smile

I'm currently trying to convert Exult ( to an Xcode project. The ultimate goal is to port it to iphone at some point but I thought that getting it to compile in xcode would help Smile

Exult compiles fine in terminal through the automake tools and I'm currently am able to make snapshots of Exult for OS X 10.4 - 10.6 (ppc, i386, x86_64).

My preparations for xcode:
- installed the SDL framework
- compiled and installed Ogg and Vorbis framework
- started a new Xcode project from the SDL template (that compiled and ran)
- drag'n'dropped the clean Exult source to the project (into "other sources").

Now when I built I get all kind of errors, mostly related to undefinded uint stuff. Probably all the stuff that gets figured out by ./configure on using automake tools is not set.

I tried to find clues in ScumVM's iphone project file but didn't get much of a clue Sad

Does anyone have a pointer as to what I'm doing wrong?