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Simple bitmap font class - iamflimflam1 - Apr 16, 2011 08:58 AM

Hi All,

I just pushed a very simple Font class for reading the fnt files generated by the Bitmap Font Generator at AngelCode:

My aim was to make it as simple as possible and not have any drawing code in it - so it just generates the vertices and texture coords. That way I can use it for both ES1.1 and ES2.0 rendering.

I've put it up here in a sample iPhone project:

Hopefully it will be of use to someone.


RE: Simple bitmap font class - tapouillo - Mar 1, 2012 05:05 AM


a bitmap font generator is now available for Mac : bmGlyph.
it generates the bitmap and the atlas file which can be used by the above class.

It has realtime rendering, a preview mode and many features: cast shadow, stroke, colors (plain, glossy), gradient and you can even import your own texture which will be applied on each glyph. It is also possible to work on each glyph without affecting the others (for example, having different colors for numbers etc...). The texture is resized automatically according to the settings, and an AutoSD option is available, which allow you to easily create bitmap fonts for retina display.

more infos and screenshots at

available on the mac app store.

hope you will enjoy it.

RE: Simple bitmap font class - AndyKorth - Mar 3, 2012 08:45 PM

Nice work flimflam! (even though I am 11 months late to the show!)