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Motion Sensor Query for 3D game - iphone-query - Apr 19, 2011 01:34 AM

Hello Everyone,

Me and my team are developeing a 3-D game using Unity Pro and iOs-pro. We are stuck at one stage, please see if any one of you can drag us out from the pothole.

Our game is about swimming competition where in we have provided the i-phone user with an option to hold their I-phobe in hand click start and rotate their arm that is holding I-phone making an action as if they are swimming. We are trying to detect the reading to see if user is really rotating his hand or is he just shaking his/her hand, as we dont want to commence the game if its just simple shake that user is doing holding their i-phone, rather we want the gmae user to rotate their hand in round arm action in order to play the game.

Is there a way we can calculate or identify such movement in I-phone.

Your comments value a lot !

Green Leaf.

RE: Motion Sensor Query for 3D game - PoseMotion - Sep 2, 2011 09:26 PM

How would you view the screen during game play if your acting like you are swimming? I mean, if it's even a small rotation that you do right in front of you, viewing the screen at the same time would be annoying for such a repetitive act.