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Up-and-Coming Developer Looking to Learn iOS Programming - TMarshall - May 27, 2011 03:48 PM

Hello All,

My name is Travis Marshall and I am an enthusiastic and creative up-and-coming game developer. I'm graduating with my Bachelors in Business tomorrow from a private university in Southern California and my dream has always been to start a video game development company. With my business knowledge, I've been writing a business plan and setting goals for myself over the next 5 years to start up my company.

I have some minor programming experience. I completed 12 units in C++/C# programming courses (All with A's) a few years back and picked up on the concepts relatively fast and with ease. I plan to go to school to get my Masters Degree in Interactive Media from USC or in Computer Science from UCSC (or any other good University) in one year. So during this year off, I would like to begin teaching myself how to code with iOS.

So I was wondering if any of you have resources you found extremely helpful in teaching yourselves how to code. This would include certain books, website tutorials, etc. Advice would also be appreciated as well.

RE: Up-and-Coming Developer Looking to Learn iOS Programming - kenan - May 27, 2011 07:05 PM

Hello Travis,

if you're pointing yourself to programming of 2d games for iOS you should probably start here:

- Teach yourself more about common game programming
- Join (free) Apple Developer Connection
- Make yourself familiar with XCode
- Lern more about Objective-C language
- Play a little bit with Cocos2d game engine
- Use Box2d physics library (it's also part of Cocos2d)
- Write some simple projects (bouncing ball, simple space ship shooter)
- Download and study simple game projects by other programmers (based on Cocos2d/Box2d)
- Watch videos on YouTube about Cocos2d/Box2d in order to learn the possibilities
- Keep trying
- Don't give up!

Good luck,