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Starfighter Game - mikey - Jun 28, 2011 10:50 AM

Hello guys not visited here for ages, programming had kinda taken a back seat with all the stuff going on. Annoyed

Just finished off an old game I had kicking around, going by the title of Starfighter Game.

[Image: 2rbz2uo.png]

(Starfighter /


• Infinite universe (kinda)
• WASD to control speed & roll
• Mouse to control pitch & heading and fire laser guns.
• C to enter debug mode

The infinite universe is really just the player getting placed back at the start of the universe when he reaches the edge, and a ghost universe being drawn to mask the transition.

The computer randomly creates a set number (16) of sector templates then distributes these across a universe randomly. I am currently working on a level editor with custom sector template editor so I can have templates with planets, etc.

I don't really know where to take this game at the moment, what does everyone think? I kinda liked the idea of a dance soundtrack with pulsating lights and that, but I couldn't really get to grips with shader programs.
I really like the 'infinite' universe thing but having AI enemies reacting and patrolling within the 'infinite' universe is very difficult for me.
A semi realistic space combat simulator would be cool but I have trouble with coming up with spacecraft ideas and realistic cockpits, etc.

What do you think?