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Reign- A Chess RTS - GordonCSA - Jul 10, 2011 10:08 PM

uDev Page

Hey all.
This game will involve the pieces and rules of Chess, fantasized into an RTS setting. It's probably closest to Starcraft in nature, but incorporates several new gameplay elements I hope will be interesting.

Currently has basic unit selection and movement, and tiled editable terrain.

Left-Click: Drag and click to select units in play mode, change terrain tiles in edit mode.
Right-Click: Move and attack(not yet) orders.
Mouse Wheel: Zooms camera in play mode, raise and lower terrain in edit mode. Holding 'r' in edit mode changes brush size.
Arrow Keys: Move Camera.

Current unit models are probably placeholders, but I really don't see them ever advancing beyond programmer art. Wacko

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - AndyKorth - Jul 11, 2011 04:01 PM

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing it!

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - GordonCSA - Jul 11, 2011 07:33 PM

Thanks. Smile

Added saving and loading of levels to text files, improved the editor some.

Some of my basic design ideas:
• The death of the king will be the goal of most games.
• The king is a large, slow unit with a powerful melee attack. It also has the ability to produce pawns.
• Pawns are normally gathering units, but can be upgraded into a basic melee unit, basic ranged unit, or a 'builder' class that actually creates the other four unit types.
• All units can be upgraded similarly, for instance the Bishop upgrades from a basic ranged unit to either a healer or a sniper.
• The resources will be Clay and Aqua Vitae. Clay is used to produce basic unit types and buildings. Aqua Vitae is used for upgrades, and as a communal 'mana' supply for special attacks.

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - FlamingHairball - Jul 13, 2011 07:16 AM

This thing sounds really cool. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck!

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - GordonCSA - Jul 31, 2011 06:39 PM

1 Month Update:
Download. (As stated below, I haven't been able to get the program to run on any computer but my own. For now, if anyone is able to run, do please let me know.)

[Image: Proto.jpg]

Much of the basic RTS functionality is in place:
-Units can be selected by clicking or dragging.
-Units can be ordered to attack, and also have a move, attackmove, and hold commands. (Patrol hasn't been added yet).
-Resources (clay and water) can be mined and spent.
-Kings can produce new pawns, pawns can produce any other unit.
-Minimap (including can also be used for moving the camera and issuing orders).
-A (very) basic menu.
-Basic particle system.
-Terrain and tilemap editor.

Major lacking features / issues at the moment:
-No pathfinding. Both a long range for moving about the map and a short range for maneuvering around other pieces will be needed.
- Victory conditions (killing the king, killing all units, reaching a certain area, etc.)
- AI is totally non-existent. Grin
-I'm getting much more slowdown than I should, considering the amount of polygons that are being rendered.
- I can't actually get the program to run on any computer but my own. (Good thing I caught this now Rolleyes). There is a problem with including the native library components for JOGL that I'm still trying to figure out.

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - GordonCSA - Aug 9, 2011 02:48 PM

The native library problem should be fixed now, so the program should actually be able to run on other computers. Rolleyes
In the meantime:
- Units will now push themselves around other units/features, and groups of units will intelligently move to locations around their true target, to avoid bunching.

- There are basic victory/defeat conditions (if your king or all the enemy kings are killed).

- Units are now 'built' over time. Units that are still 'in production' will have a cloudy grey texture. Pawns (from a king) build themselves automatically, while with other units, a pawn needs to stay there and work on them after they're spawned.

Up next:
- Modelling and coding unit upgrades.
- Make a basic storyboard system for between missions.
- AI

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - EvolPenguin - Aug 9, 2011 04:28 PM

Hey, got it to run however it's a bit confusing (understandably without a guide Rasp ). I can only seem to get some of the pieces to move and attack sometimes. The way they move almost makes it seem more like a space-fighter rts, which is cool though. I'm not sure what exactly I mine at all. Definitely a lot of progress though, good luck!

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - GordonCSA - Aug 9, 2011 04:44 PM

Yeah, I'll have a readme with updated controls in the next release. Rasp

All the pieces except the pawn start out 'unbuilt' so you have to move the pawn over and build them first. That was left over from testing the building system, and I'll remove it.

The space movement is due to the rotation speed being fairly low (as I didn't want the pieces to just instantly flip to their new angle), but I agree that it's too low at the moment.

Also mining is a bit pointless at the moment, as you start out with like 1000 of each resource, and the counter probably won't have even cycled up that high by the time someones done messing with it. Grin

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - GordonCSA - Sep 1, 2011 06:00 PM

2 Month Update: Newest build at top.

[Image: Proto_1.jpg]
Ugh slow going. The screenshot doesn't even look every different. Rasp

-Added a storyboard-cutscene system, made most of the storyboard images for the campaign.
-Added a unit upgrade system, added/edited models for all unit types.
-Added the structure for an AI, though right now all it does is move random pieces to random positions.
-Converted most of the data (unit types, attack types, etc. ) into xml files rather than hard coded.

Up Next:
-Collision. Right now, units will collide with each other and map features, but they also need to be restricted by steep hills, etc. Not sure whether to make this algorithmic by looking at slopes, or just add a collision grid layer.
-Fog of war.
-Fill out all unit attacks/abilities
-As always, improve AI.

By the way, does anyone have any ideas for some interesting special abilities for a 'Queen' unit?Huh

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - SethWillits - Sep 1, 2011 07:42 PM

First time checking this out. Looks neat, but when I played it, I was confused. I looked at the Read Me and it looks pretty elaborate, but when I play it, it seems I just need to select all of my units and roam the map/board right-clicking on/near enemies and I always win?

Before working on special abilities and things, maybe you could flesh out the core gameplay and make sure it's solid? It might just be a problem with unimplemented AI, I'm not sure. It seems like I have a lot of pieces and the enemies don't and mostly just kinda hang out or patrol a little.

Also, the unit command icons on the right aren't super clear. Perhaps you could add some words on them?

RE: Chess RTS - Real title forthcoming. - GordonCSA - Sep 1, 2011 09:18 PM

Very true, you pretty much can just do that roaming thing at the moment. Rasp
And you're right, given the need for good core gameplay within the deadline, certain things may need to be dropped, like fog of war.
Actually that would be interesting, putting things on a much smaller map scale with unlimited vision. More chess like too. Rolleyes

Edit: That's a consideration too though, the small scale denotes micromanagement-heavy gameplay, which might be beyond my A.I. skills. Finding strategy rather than tactics heavy gameplay on that scale would be interesting.

RE: Reign- A Chess RTS - phydeaux - Oct 1, 2011 04:05 PM

Ran your posted build from on my 10.6.8 MacBook. You probably bit off a bit more than you can chew for this competition since it looks like you made a pretty complicated game, but with no scenario ramp-up or tutorial for anyone to be able to figure it out. Even with the README it was hard for me to tell what was going on, let alone what I was supposed to do. The fact that you went with a chess theme made the game even less readable because the pieces just look like black or white abstract shapes from top-down. I think for whatever you post for the competition build you should try to simplify- maybe even cutting down to just a few units for the first few maps, if you have time to make multiple ones- and some on-screen instructions about what the player is supposed to do.
The game definitely has potential, but without making it approachable, nobody is going to be able to experience that full potential.

RE: Reign- A Chess RTS - GordonCSA - Oct 1, 2011 08:07 PM

Glad that it runs, I actually was having trouble with with that earlier. Smile

There has indeed been many changes since that version. There are now tutorial levels and a ramping up of units used. The level in the latest release was my test level for things, the final "campaign" will have 8 maps.

In terms of complication, even through the most recent release, the gameplay was much more traditional RTS/starcraft related. After Seth's comment and my realization that I had one month left, it's become a bit more like League of Legends, if you know that.

Unit identification: I've been staring at them so long I can tell them apart, so I haven't realized how it might be for players. The final version will have a default/maximum zoom that's closer in. I'll try to make the textures more differentiated while I'm at it.

RE: Reign- A Chess RTS - GordonCSA - Oct 2, 2011 05:34 PM

Welp it's as done as its gonna be. Wacko

Game Page

The project started out very far reaching, and the cuts I did make were practical, if rather late. As it is the game is incredibly unbalanced (and maybe not even beatable in some situations Rasp ).
Really though, I entered this competition to give myself some motivation to work on a game, and now I'll have a decent base to produce a true finished work off of.

Edit: I'll be putting up some better screenshots and a game banner tomorrow after I unwind some. That's still allowed since it's just advertising, right?

RE: Reign- A Chess RTS - phydeaux - Oct 2, 2011 05:48 PM

I downloaded the new build. The framerate seems to have gotten worse, so much that it's basically unplayble on my computer (2.16 GHz MacBook)- possibly because the window got bigger. I have a 128 MB graphics card, so the game must be doing something somewhat inefficiently to slowly draw what it's drawing with that low a poly count and no alpha transparency. Unfortunately I have no mouse wheel so I can't try to zoom in to see if that improves the framerate.

On the first level I found the unit kept just getting stuck on the hills to the northwest when trying to pathfind to where I wanted. Having played Starcraft it feels odd that A+click is not attack move but is attack ground instead. The mini-map click seemed to not work right and would not never center to the left side of the map.