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Multimedia Fusion 2 and iOS Export Module - Jeff_CT - Aug 24, 2011 08:26 PM


Hopefully I don't get flamed to death but I wanted to drop in a note about it to the users and developers here.

Clickteam is the developers of a commercial product (Multimedia Fusion 2) for developing games and applications. We recently released our iOS export module for the product.

It was exciting to see one of our users already has a game up on touchArcades with a great review --

For more information about the program please visit:

To see the list of games on the iTunes system the ones I know about are here:

Is this the final solution for hard core coders?
No not really, but its a great option for people who might not be into as much coding, but have a lot of ideas for apps.

You still have to work hard on your creations and develop the logic to make them operate correctly.
You just don't have to struggle with the object C.

For more advanced users we do have an API interface so you can custom code some objects if you need a feature that doesn't exist.

There are also current users looking to hire Object C coders to make some more objects if anyone is interested in that type of work.

Sorry if this post offends anyone .. Didn't mean it to be spam advertising. Just excited to see our product getting used.

Multimedia Fusion 2 Standard -- about $119
Can create EXE and some Java variants

iOS Export Module -- About $129
Flash Export Module -- About $69

Later this year:
Android Export Module
XNA Export Module
Native MAC Export Module

The actual development side requires Windows or emulating Windows on the MAC. To do for version 3 is a MAC authoring side.