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Board Game Design - ahnona84 - Oct 31, 2011 11:54 PM

Today, our developers met a researcher and a board game designer who talked about his experience in designing in board games. Currently, he's translating some of his board games to iPad and the greatest challenge he is dealing with is the user experience of people interaction when the game is played on iPad.

This is because when players are playing actual board games, they are sitting together and interacting with one another. How do we deal with that when it's translated to iPad?

Another challenge is the limited visual space in iPad. It's different in how we place the board/cards/dice etc onto our physical space and play with them.

Also, he shared with us his focus when he's designing board games:
1. Themes
2. User Experience
3. Mechanics

Something to share with the rest of the developers. =D

Feel free to chip in your experience when designing board games and the problems of translating paper prototypes to digital prototypes. Smile