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query on Level Designing - mchowdhury1983 - Nov 19, 2011 10:19 PM


Please refer to the iphone game Race Penguin for understanding my query.

Made few levels for a game based on the idea of Race Penguin. Now, in all levels curves are shaped differently.

MY Questions are -

1) What to keep in mind while designing such continous levels.

2) What would be the size of a single level. For example in my case since this is an iphone game i created a sprite layer of 1024 by 768 since that is the biggest image size iphone allows. This image is then further zoomed through code. While designing in Photoshop is this the right approach?

Thanks to all in advance for solving this. I really need to know this to better understand and design the levels.

Thanks a tonne !

RE: query on Level Designing - sealfin - Nov 20, 2011 12:08 PM

(Nov 19, 2011 10:19 PM)mchowdhury1983 Wrote:  i created a sprite layer of 1024 by 768 since that is the biggest image size iphone allows

I'm afraid you've been misinformed Wink Firstly, 1024x768 is not the maximum texture size supported by the iPhone - on the iPhone 3G and earlier the maximum texture size is 1024x1024, whilst on the iPhone 3GS and later the maximum texture size is 2048x2048 (OpenGL ES Programming Guide for iOS > Platform Notes); secondly, 1024x768 is not a valid texture size - on the iPhone, the dimensions of a texture must be power-of-two - the closest dimensions to 768 which are power-of-two are 512 or 1024.