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Develop an iOS game - BlackRainey - Nov 21, 2011 09:36 PM

Hi there!

Myself and a friend have been playing around with the idea of creating an iphone/ipod/ipad game for some time now.

We have finally decided to go ahead with one of our ideas. Our goal is to work on it in our off time from work and try and get it published and on the market.

We are both, however, new to the coding side. What is the best way to go about coding/programming for our game. I'm very willing to learn. It is a very simple game.

Is it easy to create and code in the new Flash. I noticed you can publish straight to the App Store through it.

Any help I can get would be much appreciated!


RE: Develop an iOS game - sealfin - Nov 22, 2011 07:16 AM

Welcome to the forums Smile

There's a (somewhat out of date) thread on the topic of beginning game development here and there's a (similarly somewhat out of date/incomplete) list of iOS game engines/libraries here.

Whilst it is possible to develop apps for iOS using Flash, be aware that Flash is apparently not as efficient as native code - consider that Machinarium was developed in Flash and, despite being a 2D game, requires a minimum of an iPad 2 - now consider that RAGE HD and Infinity Blade both require only a minimum of an iPhone 3GS... (Of course, depending on how complex your game is or isn't, Flash's efficiency - or lack thereof - may not be an issue...)