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A mixture of Mario & MegaMan Zero Tek - SeriouSamus05 - Dec 8, 2011 04:04 PM

Zero-Tek Available now on the appstore for $0.99 Grin

Gameplay Footage 1-
Gameplay Footage 2-

Comment on youtube vids for PROMO Grin

[Image: mzl.gyfddyqz.320x480-75.jpg][Image: mzl.sgkfbbjs.320x480-75.jpg]

King Fish and his minions have wrought havoc upon the homeworld of Zero-Tek Corp'

As ZTC endeavors to restore peace and tranquility on its homeworld, they search for best mercenaries soldiers in the galaxy.

You, as a humanoid soldier hired by Zero-Tek Corp, are tasked with scouring the influence of King Fish from various geographic locations around ZTC's home planet.

This may be a daunting mission, but eventually your employers hope to bring freedom and justice back to their people.

You will fight your way through the minions of King Fish, using your powerful blaster and killer laser rays to destroy all in your path. You will need to maneuver your way through various obstacles and platforms, all the while avoiding deadly mines, missiles, spikes, and various enemies bent barring your path

RE: A mixture of Mario & MegaMan Zero Tek - SeriouSamus05 - Dec 8, 2011 04:40 PM

I didn’t reinvent the wheel for this genre of game, I simply made it easy and comfortable for the transition from actually having a controller/buttons the iPhone.

I can guarantee you will love the controls on this game, it’s very responsive and accurate.