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finding a training center - Heeeelp - Glauter - Dec 23, 2011 04:00 PM

Hi all,

I am Brazilian, and I am moving to United States.. so..
As you say, I'm newbie in IOS Development and I am getting start on that.

I got some years of experience as Java programmer developing enterprise softwares for private business ANNNDD.... I got it as a side personal project.. I am reading some books about Objective-C, but by this way, I will have a slow learning as I don't like.. with a teacher, we can reach learn some particularities as fast we can.. so that's enough about my life right ?!?! sorry about that Smile)). I am just training my english skills hehe...

Would you guys know some GOOD or EXCELENT training center, where I can pay for that ??? I saw on apples's website, they have online developing programs, but I would like a training center, whatever the city of United States...

if you know some place, thank you all anyway.

sorry about the wording Wink

RE: finding a training center - Heeeelp - zenkimoto - Dec 26, 2011 12:30 PM


I wouldn't recommend an actual training center. They are quite expensive. If you find that reading books are too slow, perhaps you could review some good tutorials online. This site has good tutorials on all manner of iOS development.

If you really require a classroom like setting, you could always watch the iTunes U videos. There is an iOS course that you can watch online from Stanford University. And best of all, it is free and you get the classroom like setting.

Hope this helps.