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Soul Tamer KiKi - action RPG - rich1million - Dec 25, 2011 09:40 PM

Soul Tamer KiKi - action RPG
We're releasing our new action RPG this winter. We're currently in beta. Here's a video. Tell us what you think :o)

RE: Soul Tamer KiKi - action RPG - skyhawk - Dec 26, 2011 06:01 PM

1) disappointed with 360p video for such high detailed graphics
2) not a fan of the dialog character art
3) The walkaround characters look amazing
4) your control scheme takes up all of the screen =\
5) you have areas where the dialog covers up the on screen characters, that's like... ew
6) the stats look simple enough and easy to understand. Curious as to what Dexterity does in this game
7) in the battle section (around 1:15) it looks like the framerate plummets. does this happen on device? Or just a side effect of capturing in simulator (also you should disable FPS counter in video trailers)
8) that FPS counter looks like cocos2d Wink is it?! Grin