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Curtis Schweitzer-- Composer Looking for Projects - curtis schweitzer - Dec 28, 2011 06:56 PM


My name is Curtis Schweitzer, and I'm a classically-trained film composer looking for work. My background is primarily in orchestral music, and I have a fairly extensive sample library (East West Symphonic Orchestra), as well as the skills to use it.

I have previously worked on projects for TV and Video Games, including the syndicated series "The Black Dawn" from New Renaissance Pictures. I am currently scoring an episode for their upcoming series "The Seventh Spectrum", as well as working as the supervising composer on the series.

I have also contributed to the Oblivion MERP project.

I am primarily looking for paid work (sample libraries and equipment don't come cheaply!), however, as we are nearly finished with "The Seventh Spectrum", I am willing to consider work on projects without pay depending on the scope/size of the project. I am looking to expand my interactive media portfolio, so I'm willing to do work in exchange for experience and examples for advertising.

I have several cues in varying styles available for anyone to listen to on my website:

If you are looking for more cues for specific genres, you can check out extensive examples of my work here:

Additionally, I try to post in-progress work/demo cues on SoundCloud:

You can view my IMDB profile here:

Please contact me at if you are looking for a composer in the orchestral genre-- I am always looking for a new project to score.

Curtis Schweitzer