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[Query] About Publishing iphone app - iNoon - Feb 7, 2012 10:28 PM

so after my game is finished , now in terms of publishing it to app store or cydia

Q: I do not own a mac but using it for dev as a virtual machine on top of windows , so it shouldn't be a problem right? - (not aware of publishing process of iphone app)

Q do i need to have my own iphone for whatever reasons ?
(though i feel it will be required in longer run , but still wanted to hear from experience folks like you guys)

Q if Jail broken device , that means no to app store?

Q Is it required to own device and mac (apple h/w) , as the ONLY option for proper dev in longer run?

Q Cydia in comparison to app store?

what i do know for sure which is required

- dev account creation (99$ fee)

Looking to hear from you guys who already have gone through this process of submitting


RE: [Query] About Publishing iphone app - ThemsAllTook - Feb 8, 2012 09:16 AM

We don't talk about jailbreaking here, so we'll only be able to answer about half of your questions.

Testing on a real device is pretty crucial. The performance and memory environment are vastly different from the iPhone simulator. There's a chance you'll be lucky and what you're running on the simulator will just work on a device, but it's not a reasonable risk to take if you're publishing your app.

I'm not sure about the state of VM/cross-compilation tools, but if you can compile, codesign, and deploy your app to a device from Windows, I don't see any reason you'd need a Mac. Last I knew, though, those things weren't all possible without one.