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In App Purchase - tikamchandrakar - Feb 22, 2012 05:32 AM

Hello , I am creating a application with auto-renewable in app purchase in Iphone and iPad,
In my mind there have many questions are arrived can any body have the answer so please let me the answer of my following question.
1,I have product id of my other application uploaded in other apple account. can I use this product information in my application for understanding the flow.
2, I have already available in my apps in iPhone app store in last year, Now I have added on product id with some information to implement the in app purchase. current status of product is "waitting for screenshot" I am trying to get the information from my code , but its replied invalid id...
What is wrong thing i am doing. in below is my code

//Send to app store
SKProductsRequest *request = [ [SKProductsRequest alloc] initWithProductIdentifiers: @""];
[request setDelegate: self];
[request start];

// Got response
didReceiveResponse:(SKProductsResponse *)response {

NSArray *invalidIdentifiers = [response invalidProductIdentifiers];
// [delegate_ purchaseController: self didLoadInfo: product];
NSArray *products = [response products];
NSLog(@"invalid invalidIdentifiers---> test %d",invalidIdentifiers.count);
NSLog(@"Valid valid-----> %d",products.count);
for(SKProduct *product in products){
NSString *strId = product.productIdentifier;
NSLog(@"Product Title:%@",product.localizedTitle);

Its showing all is invalid id.

Always i am getting invalid id.
3 Suppose i got response , I want to send receipt my my server so where i can written a code for sending the receipt info to my server .

4 Observer is continues check the renewable date.
5 How i can set the stop auto -renewable .