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DEMO: Neon Galaxy, twin-stick shooter for OSX - msachs - Mar 4, 2012 12:12 PM

Edit: A new version has been uploaded which should run successfully on OSX Lion.

Greetings! I'm Mark Sachs, and I've been working on various OSX game projects and tech demos for a year or two. This is the first game that's far enough to have both real gameplay and a real demo, so I thought I'd upload it and see what you guys think.

[Image: neongalaxy_title.png]
[Image: neongalaxy_ss1.png]

Neon Galaxy is a twin-stick shooter inspired by Descent, because you fly into a maze, defeat hostile robots, destroy the reactor and then escape, and by Spelunky, because the maps are procedurally generated for a new experience every time you play. This is a six-level pre-alpha demo with a variety of enemies, maps, and loot, which is a good representative sample of what the final game will be other than the lack of music currently. The demo can be downloaded here:

...and there's more information here:

Just unzip, put the application wherever you like, and double-click to run it. You'll need a standard USB gamepad -- you'll be prompted to plug one in if one isn't present. Give it a whirl, why don'tcha.