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Free App Promotion Exchange - Yoshkow - Apr 16, 2012 09:55 AM

Hey All,

Check out Tap for Tap. It's a FREE exchange for mobile app promotion. It's like the old LinkExchange for the web - only this is for apps only.

No upsale; no expiration; no credit card; no catch!

Add it to your promotion mix...can't hurt!


RE: Free App Promotion Exchange - Yoshkow - Apr 17, 2012 09:54 AM

For the next 2 hours (until 3:00pm EST), sign up for Tap for Tap and I will give you 500 extra credits on top of the regular 1000 you get for signing up.

Some features of Tap for Tap for anyone interested...

- completely FREE (no credit card, no invoice - FREE)
- for apps only (no ringtones, sketchy ads, etc)
- easy integration
- earn credits by hosting ads in an app
- spend credits by advertising your app in other apps
- earn first, spend later or earn and spend simultaneously
- earn in one app and spend in another app or within the same app

Check out the promo video on the site!