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Micromon: Monster Capture on your iPhone. - Omegas7 - Apr 17, 2012 04:25 PM

Hello all! Micromon is a project running a Kickstarter Campaign. I did not create the game - but I code for it.
For all information and details, visit the campaign's page by clicking here.

This game project is essentially a monster capture game. Similar to Pokemon. Now then, there are a handful of differences that set this project apart, but first of all, let me point out some of the key features first.
  • Extremely fluid animations (appreciate below) for both Micromon and Characters
  • Full retina display support.
  • Engaging multiplayer (with Game Center) which includes tournaments and leagues system.
  • Six different starter towns to choose from, and over a dozen starter Micromon to choose as well.
  • Massive, explorable world.
  • Sandbox environment: do what you please! Go hunt some Micromon, go do some quests, go climb the multiplayer ladder, participate in the game's main quest's deep story, go anywhere, and find the legendary Colossals!
[Image: AnimatedElecrab.gif]

I would recommend to go visit the Kickstarter page, and if you have any questions, ask away here.