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We here at Shock Games Studios finished our most recent project and wanted to share the results of our labor with you all!

Radia is a new tilt-based Arcade game being launched on the iPhone App Store June 7th, 2012 by Shock Games Studios (http://www.shockgamesstudios.com)! A Promotional Trailer can be seen below:

Radia includes 3 engaging Game Modes:

Level Mode - In Level Mode, you embark on a journey through 50 unique levels of increasing difficulty with the aid of varying Power-Up effects.

Timed Mode - In Timed Mode, you take control of your Radiite and evade the onslaught of Saws while attempting to survive as long as possible with the help of Power-Ups unlocked in Level Mode. This mode has four settings of varying difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme (Not for the faint of heart).

Endless Mode - In Endless Mode, you again take control of your Radiite and attempt to evade Saws, activate Power-Ups, and collect Radia. Collect multiple Radia in a row, and increase your multiplier to gain even more points! Local and Global High Scores for both modes can be viewed through Game Center.

Radia goes live on the App Store June 7th, 2012! At a mere price of $0.99, Radia is a staple in the pockets of both casual and the most hard-core of gamers!

Want to try before you buy? Radia Lite also goes live June 7th and is completely FREE! It comes packed with 5 challenging levels, a variation of Endless Mode, and one of the four difficulties of Timed Mode.

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