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Hi all,

This is Kishore, founder of Gamooga ( I wanted to introduce you to our realtime communication platform. Please provide any feedback that you may have, it will help us better our offering.

Gamooga is a realtime communication framework that can power multiplayer games and realtime apps very effectively. Server side message handling scripts for your apps/games can be uploaded to Gamooga's cloud. These scripts are executed by a very fast communication infrastructure and can receive, process and send messages to your connected clients. Also you donot have to worry about maintenance, management and scalability of your server side, everything is handled for you by the Gamooga team.

Unlike Apple Gamecenter or Photon Cloud, we provide you with server side scriptability. You can upload scripts that can process your messages in realtime and respond accordingly.

Gamooga offers client side API for multiple platforms: HTML5/Javascript, Flash/AS3, Android, iOS and Unity that you can use to communicate with your server side scripts. It directly implies that different versions of games for each of these platforms can seamlessly cross communicate with each other using Gamooga platform.

All games deployed over Gamooga are auto scaled based on user load. Our rooms/sessions support 10000+ concurrent users and there is virtually no limit on the number of sessions. Hence your game is infinitely scalable over Gamooga cloud. And the best part is that all this is available in our free plan.

Gamooga also offers a NoSQL based Key-Value store that you can use for persistence in your games.

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