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Hey Everyone,

Last July, I released my trivia game Agent 351: Logic Bomb on iTunes. It did pretty well, debuting at #12 in the Trivia category and was new and noteworthy in 6 different countries.

[Image: logo.png]

Since then, my fulltime job has become freelance game design for other people and I even got invited to Milan, Italy during Design Week this year where I got to give a lecture at ILUM university on creating mobile games. However, since a year passed, it got me thinking about re-releaseing the game on iOS to see if I can hit #1 in the trivia category. So here's what I'm doing:

I've created an HTML5 version of the game for potential players to try level 1 of Agent 351 Logic Bomb out online. I'd be really happy if a bunch of people from the forums tried it out and let me know how it works in their browsers. (Note: I'm working out some issues with audio tags and scaling in mobile safari, so don't try it on your phone. Also, because IE is a pain in the @$$, it's not working there yet. Firefox, Chrome, & Regular Safari work fine)

[Image: homescreen.png]

The game doesn't work 100% like the iPhone game since I had to reduce the quality of the video and disable a couple of options.

Ok, now for the fine print. Playing the game does require signing up, but there is also a contest that's involved, which isn't live yet. So when it does go live you can be in the drawing for the iPhone 4s and the other stuff I'll be giving away (yes, there are photos on the site).If not, you can unsubscribe from the list at any time.

To try it out, head over to Click the banner on the right of the tower. Please send me any feedback to demo[at]


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