Newbie here! I'm gonna make my first iPhone game

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Hey there!

I'm new here in the forum and new in the game development world, tho I had been working for a while in web apps development and design. I wrote some posts in my new blog about how and why I got here:

- Some Context: Dropping out my studies, quitting my job and trying to find out what to do with my life.
- My New Objective: I’m gonna make an iPhone game.

I read some articles for newbies like:

And I came out with a plan:
- Learn how to make an iPhone game. Will follow this tutorial. [2 days]
- Code a prototype to prove the game mechanics. [1 to 2 weeks]
- Art! I want to have at least one level designed. [1 to 2 weeks]
- Real code (maybe I’ll be able to reuse the code I made for the prototype). [1 to 3 weeks]
- Get some feedback
- Level design. More art. More code
- At some point I’ll have to think about the audio and music

So… Any tips for a newbie? What do you think about the plan? Any IRC channel I can join? Any blogs I should follow?

That said, anybody want to be my mentor?

Thanks guys Smile
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(Sep 14, 2012 09:20 AM)OneSadCookie Wrote:
Just joined. Everybody there is super friendly. Thanks for the info (:
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