You mean I can actually write games for a living?

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After all the time I spent convincing myself this would never happen, I now write video games for a living! Wow Love I'm the first employee / third coder at a startup that makes a game that currently resembles LEGO + The Sims on the web. Cool

I just wanted to write a quick thank-you to everyone here who has answered my questions and kept me motivated with contests and competition. This community has been a big part of why I still have a passion for game development. Names I can think of offhand are Will Hogben, Dan Lurie, Keith Bauer, FlamingHairball (whose real name I can't remember), Alex Sikora, Andy Korth, Marin Saric (creator of METAL BASIC, whom I've now actually met!), Alex Diener, Seth Willits, and of course Carlos Camacho.

The game itself is in a very, very, very early stage, but you can check out the current iteration here:

We're currently in the phase where we post sandbox worlds on specific forums as small-scale, quick play tests for feedback. I made the one above for iDG, but if you want to see what a larger community has done, you can look at the Something Awful world:

There are a few navigation, building, and community-related features under development (e.g. farther zoom-out, copy/paste, galleries, etc) so I might update when we deploy those changes. Anyway, have fun!

(I guess this doesn't have anything to do with Mac game development, but I think I've paid my dues in that regard. Rasp)

((I hesitated before I submitted this post because now I won't have 666 posts anymore.))

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Congrats, man. I hope you learn many new and interesting things! … And then make even cooler games for contests and awesome articles for iDG. Wink
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Dude, congrats!

Justin Ficarrotta
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Congrats! Smile

Mark Bishop
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Congrats! It's always great to hear about other friends who are making the leap Grin

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Great to hear! I went full time (albeit not in games, but independent development) about a year ago, and I have zero regrets.

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Awesome! I see that the game allows you to draw & upload your own stuff, do you have an army of mods for that? Wink
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Keep us up to date on how it goes man! Good luck and enjoy it! We'll have to grab dinner again next time I'm in SF (I'm already craving a Pearl's burger).

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Dude, awesome. Game is looking sweet too - keep us posted!

- Lincoln Green
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