iOS Beta Testers Wanted - Real Time Multiplayer Action: TopZie

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Topzie is a top down 2d real time multiplayer action game. Topzie is a cross between soccer and air hockey. Score on your opponents by moving and kicking the "puck" into your opponents goal. Simple gameplay but hard to master. Anticipate your opponents next move and be on your way to victory.

Beta testers wanted to test gameplay and quick match functionality. Beta testers that offer constructive feedback will be given free vouchers when the game is released and itunes giftcards will be rewarded to the best users with the best feedback/bug reporting.

Beta testing is being operated by and you may sign up at this link:

You will be approved within 24 hours assuming you have registered at least 1 device. All iPads are welcome and iphones 4 and up are welcome as well.

Go to for more information and screenshots.
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