Language of choice for iPhone/iPod development

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I'm currently looking into developing some simple iPhone games in my spare time and I've been reading through the documentation on Apple's website. I have a large amount of experience with C++ and OpenGL but I have never touched Objective-C or OpenGL ES. From what I can tell, OpenGL ES is very similar to the desktop equivalent, and I don't see too many problems with picking it up. However, Objective-C seems quite different to other object orientated languages I have used before.

I did read that it is possible to use C++ code alongside Objective-C. I am guessing it would be possible to write the main bulk of code in C++ and then use Objective-C/Cocoa libraries to interface with the hardware. Would this be a recommended approach, or would it be more beneficial for me to write the entire app in Objective-C? What methods are other iPhone game developers using?
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Have you tried searching the forums? There must be at least ten topics on this Wink

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Yes, definitely search the forums, but use Google, using the site command, like:

iphone language

because the forum search here stinks.

Outside of that, I'd say that if you have a lot of experience with C++ and OpenGL, you might find looking at the oolong engine very helpful. Basically, yes, you can use like 90% C++ if you want to and only use Obj-C for OS interactions.
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