OpenAL and AVAudioPlayer in the Simulator

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I have been playing sounds with my OpenAL audio player code for a while now (in the simulator and on the device). I am trying to add playing capabilities via AVAudioPlayer. When I run on the device, I can play sounds via the AVAudioPlayer member, or via my existing OpenAL sound play calls (which I happened to discover via dumb luck after getting frustrated with the simulator). When I run on the simulator, if I play a sound with AVAudioPlayer, my OpenAL sounds no longer play (and I detect no errors). If I don't play a sound via AVAudioPlayer, my OpenAL sounds still work in the simulator. Any thoughts? I have 2.2.1 SDK.

Thanks in advance! LOL

- Jason
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More info: I play the sound with AVAudioPlayer when my app launches. I noticed if I get into game fast enough some of my OpenAL sounds do play during the duration of the AVAudioPlayer sound playing. It's like something is being turned off/disabled after the AVAudioPlayer playback finishes.
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This turned out to be an AVAudioPlayer bug (which clobbers OpenAL audio). Steve Oldmeadow's CocosDenshion (sound engine) code provides a workaround until Apple fixes it. I think I'm switching to CocosDenshion (I'm already using cocos2d).

CCLOG(@"Denshion: workaround for OpenAL clobbered audio issue");
//This is a workaround for an issue in the 2.2 and 2.2.1 simulator. Problem is
//that OpenAL audio playback is clobbered when an AVAudioPlayer stops. Workaround
//is to keep the player playing on an endless loop with 0 volume and then when
//it is played again reset the volume and set loop count appropriately.
player.numberOfLoops = -1;
realBackgroundMusicVolume = player.volume;
player.volume = 0;
[player play];
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Audio in the simulator is just plain broken. That Cocos workaround is likely a red herring, since any audio coming from anywhere on the system affects the simulator in a similar ways. The only real "fix" is to never play audio in the simulator.
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Curiously, although I'm using AVAudio and now OpenAL too, I've found it all works perfectly, all the time: not a single hitch. I've upgraded all to 3.0, so I don't know if it would have been a problem with earlier versions...
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