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I was wondering, how much does it make a difference in sales when an app is published under a company name, rather then an individual name?

It seams that potential buyer would trust a company more, but I might be wrong at this. So what are your thoughts?
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I would recommend setting up an LLC, not because of how it might affect the sales of your app, but because then you wont be personally liable if someone sues you over your app (I know, it probably wont happen, but ya never know....). In the U.S., at least, licensing fees for an LLC run about $100 (if you do the paperwork yourself). IMO, it's worth it.

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Note: I've heard that Apple takes a lot longer to accept a company into the iPhone development program than it does an individual. Something to do with verifying that the company is doing business legally under that name. I've heard 3-4 weeks for companies. Not saying don't do it, just be aware.

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I don't think it makes a huge difference to customers in the iPhone market. In fact, some very successful indies have generated a great reputation by being accessible on forums and listening to users. Of course you could do that with a company name as well but it loses the personal touch.

I also don't think the company name carries any weight unless it is an established company. So you have to build your rep either way.
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