Is there a way to access old posts?

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Hi there,

browsing the forums I notice lot of links to old threads, like this:

not currently reachable.

Are such posts lost? If not, is there a way to translate the old thread ids to actual ones?
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All of the old threads are still around, but I have no idea what that would have linked to. AFAIK, all of the old thread ids were imported exactly as they were before, and so there should be a thread 15317, but I don't see it. Maybe an upgrade to the forum software messed this all up without me knowing.

FWIW: The URLs by default are thread-ID.html, but you can also use the form showthread.php?tid=ID. Apparently the older t=ID does not work which could be fixed with some modrewrite.
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Sigh. Yep. Somewhere along the way the thread ids changed. With 10,000 threads, there's no way to fix this. Sad
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After some sleuthing I *think* I found that thread here:

1 down, 9,999 to go Rasp

That was some old pong thing that hairball was messing with. I wound up writing a different implementation for him, which uses my timing algorithm which I learned from ThemsAllTook's timing tutorial. That should be here at iDG too, but I don't have a link handy for it.

[edit] Here it is:
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